Pinebrook Manor | places to eat Hendersonville-Flat Rock, North Carolina

You'll find all sorts of dining options in Hendersonville! From down-home cooking to fine dining. There are lots of ways to experience Hendersonville.

Fireside Restaurant & Pancake Inn

The folks at Fireside Restaurant & Pancake Inn have been serving the people of Hendersonville, NC, since they opened their doors in 1997. Their claim to fame is their many recipes cooked from scratch. There’s nothing better than skipping fast food for a freshly baked loaf of bread or a savory black bean burger. This is some great comfort food you won’t want to miss.

Flat Rock Wood Room

If you want some serious barbecue, buckle up because you're not going to find anything like Flat Rock Wood Room anywhere else. This Hendersonville gem serves stacks of award-winning meat from ribs to brisket and everything in between. If barbeque isn't your speed, try one of their signature oven-baked pizzas. You won't want to miss this place!

Never Blue

Never Blue is a truly unique dining experience. They have a highly diverse menu made from fresh, locally-farmed ingredients. They specialize in cuisine from all over the earth and an array of specialty cocktails that will definitely make you fall head-over-heels.
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